Tuesday, November 2, 2010

C4T#3 Summary

I was fortunate enough to have been assigned Dr. Strange as my third teacher to comment on.
His first post I commented on was a graph that Dr. Strange was so kind enough to share about Apple's sales. It is quite interesting. It depicts information about the items in Apple's line of merchandise and how much each item is making. Dr. Strange offers an interesting statement, one in which got my wheels turning. "60% of Apple's sales are from products that did not exist three years ago!" 
A crumbling cookie
     I responded in amazement. Although it is true, how often does one realize that these inventions are just toddlers of technology? And for them to be the majority of the income for Apple, doesn't seem even possible. But in all actuality, that is exactly how the cookie crumbles!  
     I believe Dr. Strange wasn't really focused to much on the sales, it was more of a "head fake" to get us to think about the following question: "Do you still believe that schools and the roles of educators can remain the same?"  I responded to this question by using a testimonial. I explained how I continued my education immediately following high school, and that things had already begun to change. Not to mention the lab that they were constructing at my alma mater as I graduated. A learning lab to learn abroad! Although it was more of a pilot program, I can see that these labs are where the learning will be taking place, eventually. 

The second post I commented on was about his response to a student's mid-term reflection. 

Map of the WorldHe used words like "crystal ball" to depict that he was making predictions. Many of which I feel will become reality (which I mentioned in my comment).  He mentioned that some businesses will become obsolete and non-existent as the century makes its way to the quarter mark. (The year 2025) He goes on to elaborate what he thinks schools, K-12 and universities, will become. He thinks that people's network will be world wide instead of localized. I couldn't agree more. He has proven this by making my own network expand in just as little time as a semester.

All in all, Dr. Strange makes some very interesting points, and always has something interesting to say in every post. I encourage all to read and follow his blog!  

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