Thursday, December 2, 2010

C4K 9- Summary

C4K 9
This student is named Nicholas. He wrote a summary of a book about mice visiting Niagra Falls. He explained that Canadians and Americans refer to Niagra Falls differently. Canadians call this natural wonder "Horseshoe Falls" and Americans call it "Rainbow Falls." I asked Nicholas if he had visited Niagra Falls, and mentioned I had never been.

 C4K 10 
This student created a Wordle with words pertaining to math. I always enjoy looking at Wordles. I shared with her that I had created one and told her that I had fun making mine. She did a good job.

This student, Rocio, told about a skype session he had with Christopher Lee. Rocio told us how the town, Boalsburg, PA was named after Christopher Columbus' mother, which he learned from Lee. Rocio did a nice job on her post, of which I let the student know.

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