Friday, November 12, 2010

Life of a College Student Form Analysis

Form Results Page
Earlier in the semester, I distributed a form that I created. I asked questions regarding my classmates' personal experience in relation to the university. The majority of the students questioned live off campus. The majority of the surveyed students also are full time students who spend at least 5 hours studying. I was shocked to see that some students answered less than 5 hours, simply because we are supposed to allot 9 hours of our study time to EDM 310, alone. I guess that means some students answered honestly, and for that, I thank you.

Of the 16 respondants, 6 students are paying for their education out of pocket, 6 are taking student loans, 2 are on scholarship, and 2 are using a GI Bill. Although I can not make a full assessment, I think it is safe to assume that more students pay out of pocket and take out loans then the number of students receiving a scholarship or money from a GI Bill. I was glad to see that all but one student were also engaged in a work environment. This shows the determination of the students taking this course. We want to become educators, and will obtain our dream while working to make it happen. Well, this is the message it sends to me.

Glass Canoe
What did I learn from this summary? I learned that there are classmates of mine that are in the same boat I am: working part time, while attending school full time, mean while taking student loans to pay for it all. I also learned that the majority of my classmates, or at least those surveyed, understand the importance of taking a break from their studies in order to unwind. Long story short: whether you feel like no one else understands what you are going through, it turns out others are right beside you rowing the same boat you are. Never give up, always try hard, and have fun along the way. Get to know your fellow deck hands... they just might be the support group you need to make it through this chapter of your life.

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