Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Post 13

Alabama Learning Exchange header on website

     First off, ALEX is a website entitled the Alabama Learning Exchange. The site's name already gives insight as to what to expect when visiting. Although I am not sure where the exchange is taking place, maybe it is from the different actual sites, compiled in one convenient place, as to be accessed with ease. Second, ALEX offers many resources. It offers objectives for every grade, for the different subjects, to allow teachers across the state to offer the same education to students, and held to the same standards. The site also offers links to various websites which entail information about integrating technologies in the classrooms, to having classes based solely  distant learning, to understanding learning disabilities such as Autism. This site has an incredibly vast amount of information on it.
Toolbox     The first thing I explored were the different subjects. I noticed how ALEX offers objectives. I think it is a great source for teachers, and tool to make sure students across AL are receiving the same education. ALEX offers links for resources, which I pray that teachers today utilize. I was moved by the motto of eLearning for Educators. It Is... This stands for "Inspired teachers, inspiring students"  That is exactly how all education should be based. I really feel we shouldn't spoon feed information to students, but rather inspire them to want to learn. Another great thing about ALEX is that there are ample links to incorporate technology in the website. Although I cannot be sure, it doesn't seem as if many teachers utilize this website, which is quite sad. I think the education in AL can really make a turn for the better if teachers start using this handy website. I believe that by utilizing this site when I begin teaching, I will be able to provide a better quality of education to my students. If the tools are in the toolbox, we can only create great things if we use them!

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